Why is Tranceattic down?

     :: UNDER CONSTRUCTION :: TA v2o24

Site Update:
After "darkness" compromised the outdated hosting Trancettic.com was running on with the 9x site and alll the djsubstance sites .. all the bad ass eye candy, dope beats, good info and links we all enjoyed  .  We can THANK him (info at end near DJ Substance and 9x mirror's links all his info will be provided minus his SSN. Special request only ;) His brother the cop, his SSN will cost you tho ;p  Mason doesnt have good enough credit to want to take his identity, trust me.   If you want the credit report(s) from Experian just email info@darkness.fyi and request it - in the subject line state: SEND EXPERIAN - it will be auto replied within the hour.  Thats a work in progress and very low priority. 

Incase the faithful DJ Substance fan were wondering wtf happened to the site, it aint going anywhere.  Its been up nonstop since 2001 - there is no for seeable enddate, why would the beats stop?

They wouldnt, just like Mason wouldnt ever stop being a women beater .  He will slit throats ;) lulz
This aint about stirring up drama, its to get you to the music.

an idea for a kick ass new React based, as well as container based *6 hour pod life* - this is the logical solution to an evil person who thinks that compromising hostgator shared hosting and wrecking the enjoyment of a shitload of ppl was fun and is going to get him more respect.  
Nah.  Let God get even people like that, no room for hate in the 9x krew yoh'
regardless oof using dom purify and other XSS/SQLi mitagation in the site, Mason B.  aka (efnet :darkness:  .. so lets all give a shout to the asshole who managed to temporarily pull the plug on the sites hosted on Host Gator. . 

 BTW:  This site is routed thru CloudFlare's FEDRamp route table, this (to me anyways) means when you and your pals consider DDOSing this page will most *Definately* affect .gov sites, so that is 100% something ya may want to really think hard about. we wouldnt narq - lifes too short
but if u wana risk it, hit this blog br0!

There are more DJ Substance mirrors then can be listed easily here:
  so lets keep the party going and not hit any of the women!! (darkness)